A trained and humane staff


R.A.M.E (Risk Assessment Management for Expedition): A focus on safety

A focus on safety: We conduct thorough pre-destination evaluations with our staff to assess and mitigate potential risks during the actual outing to ensure the safety of all travelers.

We maintain constant training in:

Wafa: Wilderness advanced First Aid.

Meta: Wilderness emergency management course.

First Aid: Vital skill for survival and the well being of others, essential to prevent major injuries and improve the health and well being of our travelers.

Experts in adventure and group management

We guide teachers, parents and students to have a unique, safe and memorable experience in their expeditions. We advise on the selection of destinations, necessary equipment, itinerary planning, safety and group management.

ABC: Adventure Based Couseling.
BAP: Portable activity bags.
Bullyng Free: Prevention and management.

Safe and unforgettable experiences

Our staff provides the necessary information and assistance to guarantee safety in every outdoor activity with all the appropriate equipment to carry out activities such as hiking, rafting, kayaking, swimming, archery, climbing, trekking and much more.

The most important factor is safety

We guarantee the safety of all travelers through personalized attention, hence, providing comfortable, safe and adventurous expeditions.



We have a support vehicle, medical attention and personnel trained in first aid, as well as GPS for remote location via satellite.



Adequate equipment, experience in field care, safe practices, objective planning, daily meetings with teachers and constant logistical support.



We identify potential risks and the necessary security measures. In addition to a medical follow-up to ensure the care and attention of travelers.


A TRAINED STAFF focused on collective safety.

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María Fernanda Díaz

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María Fernanda Díaz

I love to travel and teach others everything I know. I am interested in languages and my hobby is climbing.

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Manuel García

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Manuel García

I am very happy working at Kajuyali, the open field allows me to share my passion for biology with others.


Let's explore unforgettable places together

Schools that have trusted us:

Colegio Helvetia
Colegio Andino

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