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The best ally for families and schools

We are Kajuyalí's brand for pedagogical trips!

We use experiential education throughout Colombia to strengthen the individual and collective skills of the students we travel with; what makes us different? Three decades of Kajuyalí experience where safety comes first.


Students have experienced unforgettable trips with Apié and its schools throughout Colombia, from “La Guajira” to the Amazon, between the Pacific and the “Llanos”.


Expeditions and pedagogical outings developed in these nine years, getting to visit incredible destinations that motivate exploration and adventure.

4 Values that make us different


Leadership by example

We strive to increase the knowledge of each student by creating transformative experiences that motivate leadership and academic learning, making the most of the time in the field to create scenarios for interaction with teachers and local communities to acquire or strengthen useful skills to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Self-esteem and self-knowledge

Our adventure activities are designed to stimulate the development of social skills to overcome group challenges; this allows students to feel motivated and confident to explore, promoting individual responsibility to encourage cooperative learning and personal growth.

Unity and Diversity

In our expeditions we are committed to creating environments that promote equality and respect encouraging a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion; we achieve this through education, exploration and recognition of diversity and its benefits to stimulate critical thinking and offer new perspectives through dialogue.

Autonomy away from home

We encourage collaborative work among students with group activities that enhance social skills such as communication, teamwork, decision making and problem solving. We promote continuous improvement and meaningful learning so that our travelers develop life skills and achieve academic success.

The origin of Apié in the Kajuyalí universe


In 1992 we started Kajuyalí Camp in the Eastern Plains, since then, we have developed unique adventures in more than 12 locations, inside and outside Colombia.

Diciembre de 2022

We identified the need for open field activities to enhance school curriculum through educational outings in Colombia.

Febrero de 2010

Our motivation to include education drove us to unify efforts and create Apié as Kajuyalí's branch for pedagogical outings.

Enero 2014

30 years of experience have enabled us to leave a positive imprint in at least 28 local communities neighboring the sites where we operate.

Diciembre de 2022

We celebrate our 9th anniversary with a commitment to bring outdoor education to more schools nationwide.

Diciembre de 2022



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María Fernanda Díaz

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María Fernanda Díaz

I love to travel and teach others everything I know. I am interested in languages and my hobby is climbing.

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Manuel García

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Manuel García

I am very happy working at Kajuyali, the open field allows me to share my passion for biology with others.


Let's explore unforgettable places together

Schools that have trusted us:

Colegio Helvetia
Colegio Andino

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